6 Social Media Ideas For Jewelry Retailers

Nowadays, you can discover, research, and purchase products all within a single social media app. This is called social commerce, and it’s the reason why retailers across the board need to include social media in their marketing strategies. For jewelry retailers selling products from multiple brands, this is easier said than done, which is why we’re sharing these six effective social media marketing ideas.

1. Feature Quality Content

The ultimate goal of your jewelry store’s social media presence should be building a loyal base of Followers who will engage with your future content and eventually, convert to customers. So, how do you get visitors to hit the follow button? With quality content they’d want to see on their feeds again and again.

Because social media content creation is no small feat, there are two ways to source it that will make your life easier: from the brands your shop carries and from customers themselves.

Branded Content

Many retailers face the common dilemma of not having the time or resources to spend capturing stunning photos of inventory. Luckily, the brands who make that inventory usually do. Repurposing from brands will not only save you effort, but it’ll also ensure you’re sharing quality, cohesive content with Followers.

User-Generated Content

This popular tactic involves reposting content created by customers. User-generated content (UGC) can include photos, unboxing videos, and product reviews that speak to the quality of your store’s jewelry pieces or customer service.

UGC can ultimately shorten buyer journeys by providing realistic visuals of a product. Think of it as the try-on stage for online shopping. Even for brick-and-mortar stores, being able to see how a piece of jewelry actually looks on someone versus a display can be what leads shoppers to visit in person.

The benefits of user-generated content don’t stop there. It also incentivizes Engagement from customers and provides new Exposure to your store via their Followers. Many people want their content reposted, and in order for you to see that content, they have to tag your business page. This simple process puts your store right in front of their Followers. 

In addition to tagging, you can also encourage UGC participation with a creative hashtag unique to your store or a specific campaign. A good example of this in practice is Kay Jewelers’ #LoveIsUnstoppable campaign. The retailer reposts users’ content featuring the hashtag #LoveIsUnstoppable to its Facebook and Instagram pages, driving awareness to its Unstoppable Love jewelry collection. 

2. Maintain a Consistent Posting Schedule

6 Social Media Ideas For Jewelry Retailers

Consistency is a must for any business on social media. At face value, it shows audiences your store’s newest inventory and that you’re keeping up with the latest trends. Behind the scenes, algorithms highly prioritize content consistency when determining what Followers of your page will see, meaning consistent posting leads to consistent Exposure, which in turn generates consistent Engagement rates.

3. Utilize Different Features

Go beyond the grid and timeline. Depending on the platform, there are several other features you can employ to deliver content. For jewelry retailers, we recommend prioritizing Instagram and Facebook in your social media marketing strategy, as they’re best for visual content.

Instagram offers a slew of interactive features to help garner Engagement, including:

  • Reels, which are short, Tik-Tok-esque videos that can be used to better showcase your store’s pieces. 
  • Stories, which are photos and videos separate from the grid that can only be viewed for 24 hours unless saved to your page as a Highlight. You can use Stories to gather customer feedback through polls, multiple-choice, or open-ended questions. You can link your online store directly to a story, so shopping is just a swipe-up away. Lastly, when users tag your account in their stories, you’re able to repost them to your own in a few quick taps.
  • Lives, which are real-time broadcasts, can be great to use when launching a new piece or collection and during any in-store events.

Facebook also offers the ability to share stories and go live, but one of its best offerings are Facebook Groups. Use these for direct outreach to potential customers. There are groups for just about everything, from hyper-niche topics to broad community boards, so you can find the best fit for your store.

4. Implement Exclusive Promotions

Consider offering discounts unique to your social media audiences. This could be a promo code mentioned only on your social channels that could then be used during checkout online or in-store. If you want to get really granular and see which social channel drives the most sales, make the codes unique to their platforms. 

You’ll be able to leverage the urgency and exclusivity of these special opportunities to encourage customers to follow your pages. Alternatively, this tactic can encourage long-time Followers who have yet to buy anything from your store to finally take the plunge.

5. Hold A Giveaway

Giveaways are great for boosting your store’s social following and Engagement rates. Typically, to enter a giveaway, one must follow the account(s) hosting the giveaway, like the giveaway post,and tag a friend (or a few) in the comments. To first attract users to the post, you can either include the hashtag #giveaway in the caption or partner with the brand whose product you’re giving away.

For example, in honor of Mother’s Day, Florida-based jewelry retailer J.R. Dunn Jewelers partnered with one of the brands it carries, EF Collection, to give away a necklace on Instagram. J.R. Dunn and EF Collection’s giveaway posts received tremendous levels of Engagement when compared to their usual content, and both brand and retailer gained new Exposure through each other’s Followers.

6. Automate Your Social Media Marketing

It can be difficult for many retailers to create and manage an effective social media strategy on top of everything else it takes to run a business, which is why an automation platform like ThumbStopper is such a worthwhile investment. We’ll help you execute your jewelry store’s social media strategy, from aggregating quality, branded content to consistently posting it to your feeds, so you enjoy a 100 percent hands-free experience while reaping all the benefits.

Customers who use ThumbStopper have experienced as much as a 50 percent increase of in-store traffic and 10 times customer growth. That sure has a nice ring to it. See what ThumbStopper can do for your jewelry store today!

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