How to Regain Admin Access to Your Dealership Facebook Page

“Help! A former employee is the only Admin for our Facebook Page and now I can’t access it!”


“Help! A Facebook Page for my dealership already exists! How did that happen?”

If you have said either of the above statements regarding your dealership’s Facebook Page, don’t worry, we’ll be sharing solutions to help you get access to your business’s page.

How to Regain Access to Your Facebook Page from a Former Dealership Employee

It can be scary when the employee who managed your Facebook Page leaves the company and no one else has access. Assuming they are leaving on good terms, it’s best to simply ask them to make you an Admin.

As a best practice in the future, it’s recommended that you have all social media logins and passwords saved. Consider using a password sharing application like 1Password or utilitze.

In order to regain your Facebook Page, visit this link and select the following options…

  1. Select “Copyright” then “Continue with your copyright report“
  2. Select “I found content which I believe infringes my copyright” then “Continue with my copyright report“.
  3. For Contact Information, select “Provide your contact information” then “Me or my organization” and fill out the form as fully and accurately as possible.
  4. Under Content You Want To Report, select “Provide the content you want to report” and then “Other“. In the field below “Please provide links (URLs) leading directly to the specific content you are reporting.”, paste a link to the Facebook page you want to regain access to.
  5. Under “Why are you reporting this content?”, use the dropdown select “Other” and in the form below “Please clarify why you are reporting this content.”  Fill out this section with as much information as possible and request to be made an admin of the page or to regain admin access of the page.
  6. Under Your Copyrighted Work(s), select “Provide your copyrighted work“, then select “Other” from the dropdown.
  7. In the field under “Please describe your copyrighted work.”, write the ways the page infringes on your copyright.
  8. In the field under “Where can we see an authorized example of your work?”, include links of your website or social media accounts.
  9. Under Delcaration, select “Confirm delcaration statement“, then select “Yes“.
  10. Type your full name for the “Electronic Signature” and click submit.

Facebook will reach out to you regarding this claim and should be able to assist you with this issue.

You may be asked to provide proof of Page ownership. It could take a few days to receive a response from Facebook.

Once your Page is claimed

Once you regain access to your dealership’s Facebook Page, we recommend you make yourself the Admin. Everyone else should either be an Editor, Moderator, Advertiser or Analyst. All of the other Page roles associated with your account cannot edit users or their access level, which will prevent this from happening again.

To manage these roles for your Facebook Page, go to your Page and select…

  1. Settings at the top right of the Page
  2. Page roles from the left menu
  3. If you are Facebook friends with them already, you can type in their name and select their role from the dropdown item directly underneath where you entered their name. You can also add them via email if you are not Facebook friends with them.
  4. Hit Save.

Below is a chart from Facebook that explains what each Page role has access to. Again, we stress that you make yourself the Admin.

How to Regain Admin Access to Your Dealership Facebook Page

How to Claim or Delete an Automatically Generated Facebook Page

Facebook may automatically generate a Page for your storefront if one doesn’t already exist, and there is user activity at that location such as a check-in. Automatically generated Pages will say “Unofficial Page” underneath the cover photo.  You can request to claim the Page and become its admin or you can merge the Page into a Page you already manage for your business.

To request access to the Facebook Page and become the Admin, select…

  • Click Is this your business? below the Page’s cover photo.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions.

You may be asked to provide proof of Page ownership.

Claiming or regaining your dealership’s Facebook Page can be stressful and it’s important to make sure the correct Page roles are assigned. Hopefully your dealership doesn’t have to go through the process of gaining access to your Page, but it’s comforting to know you have options when it comes to claiming what is rightfully yours.

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