How to Get the Most out of Your ThumbStopper Experience

Now that your business is a ThumbStopper subscriber, you should start to see more followers and engagement in your social media feeds. When you succeed at your social media marketing goals, we celebrate along with you! ThumbStopper provides a hands-free service that doesn’t require much of your attention, but we always want to ensure that you’re getting value from it and using it to its full potential. For the best results from your ThumbStopper investment, consider these tips.

1. Set up your page for success

How to Get the Most out of Your ThumbStopper Experience

The first step in any social media marketing effort is to make sure you follow best practices for setting up your social profiles. Perhaps you took care of this step long before you subscribed to ThumbStopper. Keep in mind, social media platforms continuously make updates, so it’s always a good idea to make sure you’re using every available component of your profile. Some of the elements to consider include:

  • A high quality cover photo and profile photo
  • Complete contact information for your store
  • Your business hours
  • Your call-to-action button (Call Now, Get Quote, etc.) 

Once your page looks its best, you will be prepared to provide a great experience when someone visits. Take a look now to double-check that everything is in place and, if not, update it promptly.

2. Ensure you’re connected

How to Get the Most out of Your ThumbStopper Experience

Before ThumbStopper can start directing content to your Facebook page from your brands, you need to accept a Business Manager request in your page settings. If you haven’t completed this step yet, do it right away. An administrator on your Facebook page should go into your settings on a desktop computer. (The setting you need is not visible on a mobile device.) On the left hand side, select Page Roles and approve the Pending Partner Request for ThumbStopper Admin access. Enter your personal Facebook credentials to confirm the approval. If you still don’t see posts coming into your Facebook page, contact ThumbStopper so we can help you troubleshoot any issues.

3. Provide feedback to your brands

Big, national brands join ThumbStopper to help you, their retailers, communicate about their products. It’s in their best interest to provide you with great content. If the posts you see aren’t the quality you want, get in touch with your brand contact, by emailing [brandname]

4. Try out social advertising

How to Get the Most out of Your ThumbStopper Experience

Organic social media is just one way to reach your potential customers. If you’re looking for a way to get even more reach with your posts, social advertising can both expand and fine-tune the audience who sees your content. Explore ThumbStopper’s Brand AmplifierTM to see how social advertising can take your social media marketing up a notch. 

5. Download our app

How to Get the Most out of Your ThumbStopper Experience

To make using ThumbStopper as convenient as possible, download our app, Pulse, and link your store’s Instagram account. You can easily manage and post to Instagram any time from your mobile device. You get to choose what gets syndicated on your social media channels and it’s free for current customers.

6. Upgrade your plan

Once they see it in action, many retailers want to increase their use of ThumbStopper to make even greater progress with their social media marketing. For example, you could add more of your brands or increase your posting frequency. To edit your posting days or times, reach out to your ThumbStopper Account Manager.

7. Post your own content

How to Get the Most out of Your ThumbStopper Experience

Content from your brands goes a long way toward keeping your Facebook feed fresh and interesting. With this major task out of the way, you have more time to focus on posting content that is unique to your store and your community. Weaving these posts in with the brand content makes you relatable to your customers and sets you apart from your competition. If you’re unsure what to say, try these free posts

8. Learn about Social ROI

The best way to improve anything is to measure it. Calculating the return on investment for social media marketing may sound daunting at first, but it’s actually pretty simple once you know what to measure. Learn about social ROI and start tracking yours so you can quantify the benefits you get from social strategy.

9. Read our FAQs

You’re going to have questions as you get started with ThumbStopper, and that’s a good thing. We offer answers to many questions that retailers tend to ask on the ThumbStopper FAQ page. If you can’t find the answer there, you can always contact us.

10. Stay Connected

ThumbStopper wants to go along on this journey with you and keep you up-to-date on any new features, products or resources. Read our newsletter and explore our blog, videos, downloadable guides, and other sources of information created just for retailers like you. If you haven’t already, sign up for our newsletter here.

At ThumbStopper, we want only the best for the retailers and the brands who use our social media solutions. With a small investment of time up front, you will be prepared for a positive experience.

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