How Emoji’s Can Help Retailers Relate To Their Customers

Oct 2, 2020

We dub 2020 the year of emojis for retailers! That statement would not have been taken serious years ago. Have you noticed how prevalent the use of emojis are outside of social media? They’re everywhere!

In case you don’t know what emoji stands for, it means pictograph. They are tiny pictures used to represent text. Think, modern day hieroglyphs. Similar to the Ancient Egyptians, they used images to represent words, tools and emotions.

How Emoji’s Can Help Retailers Relate To Their Customers
How Emoji’s Can Help Retailers Relate To Their Customers

Read about other national brands and businesses you may already be aware of opting to use emojis in their marketing.

Even popular law firms and software companies are utilizing them to be relatable to people driving by their billboards. This encourages sales with humor and wit by making your business memorable.

Using emojis in your dealership digital marketing tactics is a great way to appeal to a larger audience. Your dealership needs to use emojis in your social media and marketing. Here’s why:

Emojis Are Cool:

According to a 2016 study about emoji usage, emojis are now used by a wide range of ages.

How Emoji’s Can Help Retailers Relate To Their CustomersClick here to see the entire infographic from Report.

With 92% of the online population using emojis, we think that it is safe to say that the majority of people understand the subliminal messaging behind emojis.

How Emoji’s Can Help Retailers Relate To Their Customers

You’ve probably seen a lot of smiley face emojis, but with the recent iOS and Android OS releases, there are a heavy overhaul of emoji updates. Not only have both mobile operating systems included more emojis, they updated their old emoji designs to reflect a modern look and feel. Plus, there are more vehicles that could be inclusive for your dealership’s usage and relatability.

Emoji Usage is Universal:

 “A warm smile is the universal language of kindness.” – William Arthur Ward

Smiles are often considered the universal language. You can go almost anywhere and a smile is just that; a smile.

Using emojis in your social media messaging and retail marketing will help you connect with first-time buyers. The data shows that emojis are no longer just for millennials. Everyone is using them!

The report found that the biggest reason consumers are using emojis is to help them more accurately express what they’re thinking, and to make it easier for other people to understand them.

Pro Tip:

We are a world of expression and feeling. When you are sharing your next piece of content to your dealership social media channels, think about including an emoji in your messaging. Please be aware of the context in which you are using your emojis. Try to refrain from using an emoji in an insensitive and disconnected manner. Use them with the intention to be relatable and funny.

How Emoji’s Can Help Retailers Relate To Their Customers

Let us know how responsive your customers are to your emoji usage.

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