Give Your Premium Content the VIP Treatment

With thousands of pieces of content vying for your target audience’s attention on a given day, each piece of content your brand deploys is its own elevator pitch, which can win (or lose) the hearts, minds, and pockets of your next customer. But if you have a product to sell or a story to tell, your run-of-the-mill elevator pitch may not be enough to cut through the noise and gain traction with your audience.

Instead, it’s imperative to supplement your top-of-funnel digital content with more information that educates and eases your customer through their buyer journey while maximizing the reach of your premium content beyond your normal marketing efforts. 

You Put Time Into Your Content – Value It!

Not all content is created equal. By creating upper-echelon content that informs and influences your target audience, you can cast a wider net to reach your next customer.

From case studies and infographics, to webinars and white papers, premium content offers significantly higher value for your audience and can be leveraged to attract greater engagement between you and your consumers. This can encourage more customers to follow your brand when your content reflects a higher level of thought and care towards guiding them through their journey.

Additionally, the quality of work placed in creating premium content is rich in SEO value for your brand’s digital channels, which rank higher in Google searches and contribute to a greater chance for traffic towards your digital channels. It’s important to get creative with whether you want your content to be gated or ungated for your target audience.

Position Your Premium Content for Success

The “Gated” vs. “Ungated” argument is constantly changing. Common practice among digital circles is to position content in a gated model, which encourages interested readers to offer information – i.e. an email or phone number – in exchange for the gated content.

But as more sites pursue a higher ranking on Google, those same brands must strike a balance between asking for pertinent information and making their content accessible by Google to improve its SEO value. We recommend finding common ground between the two, offering your premium content in an open capacity to satisfy SEO metrics, while enabling individuals to download your content online in exchange for information that crafts future conversations between brand and consumer.

Lastly, your brand should approach premium content with a higher degree of care in your advertising campaigns, utilizing paid media spend to reach a broader, more tailored audience interested in reading your content. With high-quality content performing in tandem with a synchronized ad push on social and digital channels, your brand can ensure your next customer has their eyes on content that assists them.

Crafting Your Roadmap for Success

High-quality content you’ve created should receive love and care that matches the effort you placed in its development. With a tailored approach to positioning your premium content and paid ad spend to pair, you’ll be offering the VIP treatment to get that next lead in your inbox.
But if you’re having trouble positioning your content with the right message and paid advertising, drop us a line and let us show your brand how we’ve helped plenty of business partners amplify their content’s thumbprint with ThumbStopper.

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