Do Your Retailers Effectively Tell Your Story?

So we just got back from the Great Outdoors – the annual retail summit for one of our awesome brand partners. And I had the opportunity for the duration of a few days to speak to hundreds and hundreds of local retailers, who are a part of a program that we’re providing from this brand through to their retailers. And the things that just became so evident to me, and I had to just chat about it a little bit here today, because I imagine that I’m speaking to a lot of marketing professionals, who are working with marquis brands out there, that are working through independent retailers to sell your goods and services. And this resonated with every conversation that I had the last few days.

Your local retailers understand the importance of the shift from traditional advertising and marketing initiatives to digital and social, primarily. But they just don’t know how to get it done. They’re frustrated. They need help. They want help. And they want to look to you, the brand, for that assistance. That’s what we do here at ThumbStopper®.

We are helping the local retailer do things that they may not be able to do on their own. In the end, it’s amplifying your message at the brand, and most importantly, selling more of your goods and services at the local retail level.

If you aren’t already, jump all over social media, and help your retailers become part of the solution. I tell ya, they’ll love you for it. The loyalty that you will gain will be astronomical. Reach out to us at ThumbStopper®. We can help you do it. We do it for folks all over the country. – let’s do it together in 2019.

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