2022 Must-See Social Media Reports: ThumbStopper Recommended Reading

For brand marketers, it’s that time of year again: time to lurk on your favorite marketing journals and pour over articles in the hopes of gaining insight into the year ahead. Whether it’s trends from the past year or predictions about the upcoming one, there are plenty of resources for your queries. Having all of that information available can be overwhelming. We’ve sorted through the mountain of reports to bring you the very best resources in our 2022 recommended reading list. 

2022 Must-See Social Media Reports: ThumbStopper Recommended Reading

Digital 2022: October Global Statshot Report

Kepios’ article on global social media statistics is a comprehensive look at data on social platforms from October 2022. It covers information like the popularity of platforms including those popular in key regions, the most common activities on those platforms, and percentages of people who use multiple platforms. The article helpfully analyzes the embedded charts and graphs as well as points out gaps in data. It’s worth noting that articles presenting statistics are prone to glossing over details such as minor methodological errors or context for certain data points. We like Kepios’ take on this information because it goes out of its way to let you know that there’s more to understand than what they’re presenting. In most cases, those extra sources are accessible via embedded links as well. 

If you need to review global social media data from the past year, check out this Kepios article.

2022 Must-See Social Media Reports: ThumbStopper Recommended Reading

Creating an Omnichannel Strategy Through Influential Touchpoints

Meta’s omnichannel strategy report revolves around the concept of a “golden formula” for demand generation. Partnering with Publicis Data Intelligence, Meta was able to identify media optimization strategies to target consumers in their target region Southeast Asia. The trends they pinpoint align with predictions from other major research centers on the future of social media marketing globally while adding the valuable perspective of Meta itself. Key items include engagement rates on various forms of video content and the effectiveness of influencers for specific age demographics. 
Meta is essentially distributing a how-to guide on multi-channel digital marketing for 2023 with a special emphasis on the type of content their own platforms will favor.

Check it out here.

2022 Must-See Social Media Reports: ThumbStopper Recommended Reading

The 2023 Instagram Trend Report

Instagram worked with WGSN to compose their 2023 trend report concentrating on Gen Z’s view on the coming year. They surveyed 1,200 Gen Z social media users between ages 16-24 in addition to working with popular creators to verify findings. Some predicted trends are unsurprising if you’ve been paying attention to Gen Z’s social usage and purchasing patterns. Sustainable fashion, activism, climate change, and beauty will continue to be significant topics of conversation and content on Instagram. But Gen Z also emphasizes financial literacy, turning Instagram into a dating app, and asking their favorite influencers to branch out into podcasts. 

We guarantee you’ll learn something you didn’t expect to and find a new way to connect with your brand’s Gen Z audience. Read the full report here.

2022 Must-See Social Media Reports: ThumbStopper Recommended Reading

3 Top Content Marketing Challenges in Manufacturing

The Content Marketing Institute (CMI) rounded out the year by determining the top three challenges for brand marketers: optimizing content to meet buyers at every stage of their customer journey, aligning sales and marketing goals, and internal communication. They collaborated with GlobalSpec and 6Sense to break down why marketers are facing these problems and how to resolve them while keeping up with trends. In addition to the collected data, CMI reached out to marketing experts for their thoughts on the issues. In total, they’ve developed a well-rounded view of the state of content marketing and how to keep up with the rapidly changing industry into the next year.
Jam-packed with advice from your peers in marketing, CMI provides resources to help you feel secure in your 2023 marketing plan.

Find the article here.

2022 Must-See Social Media Reports: ThumbStopper Recommended Reading

State of Marketing Trends Report 2023

Hubspot is already one of our go-to sources for marketing data so we have high expectations for their end-of-the-year State of Marketing report. As anticipated, they’ve delivered a top-notch report that encompasses the B2B and B2C marketing trends to help guide strategies for the upcoming year. Primary findings include the rising importance of content creators, short-form video content, and more efficient workflows for marketing teams. Hubspot is known for presenting large amounts of data in bite-sized pieces paired with visual aides that keep readers engaged. If you’ve read through the other articles on this list then much of this content won’t be too surprising but its presentation is so approachable it makes for a fun read. 

This is the ideal article to share with colleagues outside of the marketing department if they want to know what results to expect from your video content projects in 2023. Find the full report here

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To see what ThumbStopper can do for your brand, check out our Brand Amplification Calculator.

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