Lead Manager

What would it mean for you if you could not only promote your content on multiple local retailer social media channels at the click of a button, but also track all leads from one easy to manage dashboard?

Brands that use ThumbStopper track all phone calls, web traffic and form fills generated as a result of specific campaigns. This allows brands to track effectiveness of specific advertisements on specific platforms.

Once a user clicks on an ad, he or she is directed to a custom made landing page, featuring product inventory and ways for the consumer to get in touch.

ThumbStopper makes it easy to connect directly with consumers. Our SMS service allows customers to text questions after ours. Our clients have actually seen an increase in lead volume by an average of 30% as a result of utilizing our SMS tool. Customers also have the option to email businesses directly from an advertisement. It has never been easier to engage with your customers.

Lead Management

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