Digital Ads Manager

An $80 billion shift is happening now, with marketing dollars being pulled from traditional marketing platforms and poured into social media marketing. Why? Because it works. This is the Golden Age of Facebook marketing – don’t miss it!

Your brand creates amazing content. ThumbStopper deploys your content on a local level at the click of a button. The average person spends at least an hour a day on Facebook alone. ThumbStopper automates Facebook advertising campaigns through retailer’s local social media channels to engage your audience where they already spend time each and every day.

Our built in audience targeting system allows you to reach your ideal customers, based on location, interests and behaviors. With ThumbStopper, you can be sure your content is reaching the right people at the ideal time.

Engaging your target customers on a local level provides new opportunities to generate leads, promote inventory retargeting ads, showcase services and offer finance specials. All campaigns are tracked in your digital dashboard, ensuring transparency and providing the keys for success.

Brand Manager