Multi-Location Social Advertising

Multi-Location Social Advertising Software

Brand Amplifier helps you promote your products locally with custom, tailored ads deployed through the social media accounts of your retail partners

Amplify Your Brand At the Local Level

Brand amplification, especially in local markets, requires going beyond organic tactics to find your next customer. Brand Amplifier marries your high-quality digital marketing assets with your retailers’ loyal local followings to create a partner marketing program that actually works.

Multi-Location Social Advertising

What is Local Social Media Advertising?

Social media advertising involves targeting specific audience segments on platforms like Facebook and Instagram with paid ads to expand a brand’s Reach beyond its Fan base and generate new customers. Audiences can be targeted based on a variety of criteria, including location

Social media advertising can augment a brand’s social media strategy, driving meaningful results for any stage of the funnel.

Multi-Location Social Advertising

The Benefits of Local Social Media Advertising

More and more brands are offering multi-location social advertising programs for their retailers to get involved with, and the reason being that local social media advertising done right — that is, brands and retailers partnering to collaborate — is a mutually beneficial practice. 

Refined targeting that focuses on smaller, local segments, is cost-effective and allows for personalized messaging that resonates with audiences of like-minded individuals. This drives Engagement and captures them close to the place of purchase. Brands gain more visibility at the local level, reaching a new stream of potential customers, while retailers experience Follower growth — a frequent challenge they face on social media.

What’s more, campaigns can be tailored to achieve specific goals, such as awareness or conversions, with results generated at a much faster rate than organic.

Advertise Locally On Facebook and Instagram

Advertise Locally On Facebook and Instagram

Advertise Locally On Facebook and Instagram

We offer two types of campaigns you can use to reach local audiences through retailers’ Facebook and Instagram pages: Promotional Period-Specific Campaigns and Evergreen Campaigns.

  • Promotional Period-Specific Campaigns have fixed start and end dates to align your local campaigns with your national or regional efforts. This campaign type is typically used to promote new products, sales, and limited-time offers, and to respond to unpredictable events (i.e. weather- or news-related) that drive sales.
  • Evergreen Campaigns allow retailers to participate when they want and for the budget they have. This campaign type can be used to promote events and product inventory pushes, and to retarget retailer websites or product pages.

These campaigns can be presented in one of two ad formats: Lead Ads and Conversion Ads.

  • Lead Ads include an Instant Form tocapture interested customer information in two quick clicks. They display your most relevant products and allow you to use unique creative assets to promote them.
  • Conversion Ads feature top products and link to retailer sites and product pages. They’re able to leverage social media algorithms to optimize ad units, generating higher click-through rates and driving traffic back to retailers’ product pages for conversions.
Why You Should Focus on Your Contents Organic Reach

Paid Social Vs. Organic Social

When it comes to organic and paid social, the question isn’t which to use, but how to incorporate both in your overall marketing strategy. Generally, organic social’s primary goal is raising brand awareness. To know whether you’re achieving this, measure your posts’ Reach, Likes, Comments, and Shares, as well as your page’s Follower growth. The caveat of organic is that it’s a gradual process; good things take time. For faster, more assured results, supplement your organic efforts with paid social.

Paid social is a bit more versatile in terms of what it can achieve. It can certainly be used for awareness — in fact, it’s the sole way to reach and connect with local markets. But, because that awareness is part of a greater initiative to generate new leads and drive sales, it’s fleeting. Hence, the need for an organic social media presence to nurture new audiences. To evaluate the success of your paid social campaigns, measure Reach, Impressions, Click-Through Rates (CTR), Conversions, and Cost Per Action. The action will depend on the overall campaign objective. For awareness, measure Cost Per Impression (CPM). For consideration, measure Cost Per Click (CPC). For decision, measure Cost Per Conversion.

How to Run a Local Social Media Advertising Campaign

Local outreach starts with your retailer network, so getting them involved is the first step. Then, retailers need unique campaigns featuring high-quality visuals and copy that also aligns with their branding and budgets. By optimizing campaigns for each retailer, you can ensure ads promote relevant product lines to relevant target audiences who would most likely result in a customer, all while keeping the budget in check. For better results, try to hone in on audiences that share interests with current customers or have previously engaged with a retailer’s page or content.

While there’s clearly a lot that goes into running local social media ads, the good news is ThumbStopper can help you with all of it and more.

How to Run Multi-Location Social Advertising Campaigns

How to Run Multi-Location Social Advertising Campaigns

Learn more about running your own multi-location social ads with partner retailers so you can connect with consumers at the local level.

Multi-Location Social Advertising

ThumbStopper’s Brand Amplifier™ Localizes Your Social Advertising

ThumbStopper’s Brand Amplifier Localizes Your Social Advertising

ThumbStopper makes partner marketing a breeze for both brands and retailers. We work with brands to craft custom, tailored social media ads. Then, we automatically deploy those ads across your network of local retailers. For brands, this means wider visibility in local markets, and for retailers, this means an effortless social media advertising experience.

Brand Amplifier allows brands to:
  • Boost Facebook and Instagram thumbprints with tailored advertising campaigns.
  • See how target audiences in each market respond to campaigns with robust reports and insights. 
  • Get retailers on board, providing them with a completely hands-free experience — seriously, we do all the work.
  • Set the adjustments retailers can make to each campaign’s budget, promoted product, regionality, and targeting to meet their needs.
  • Customize the cadence at which ads are posted across retailer networks.

With social media as the leading method brands use to connect directly with consumers, you simply can’t afford to neglect your local markets. Luckily, your retailers can bridge that gap. Take a look at ThumbStopper today, and learn how it can empower your brand’s multi-location social media advertising management.