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ThumbStopper® is a solution for brands to connect, optimize, and amplify content through their retailers’ social media and search destinations. Making it easy to increase and hyper-localize a brands’ organic reach around the globe.


Activate Your Independent Retailers Around the Globe

You don’t need another project. Easy for you, easy for your retailers.

  • Onboarding Simplified: We do the heavy lifting for you. Producing sales sheets and digital enrollment assets that fit your branding. Making it easy for us to connect and activate your retailer network.
  • Adoption Accelerated: A dedicated customer success team will maximize retailer adoption, keep you up to date on new features and capabilities, so you can spend more time engaging with your audience.


Ensure Your Content Is On-Brand, Consistent and Hyper-Localized.

Maximize engagement locally while controlling your brand and product message dynamically and regionally.

  • Syndication Made Simple: Seamlessly distribute multimedia content to hundreds or thousands of your retailers’ social pages and search destinations.
  • Complete Control: Tag and segment content appropriately so the right retailers receive the right post(s).
  • AI Technology: Ensure retailers never receive the same post at the same time (or more than once).
  • Real-time Metrics: Access valuable reporting on content performance. Uncover trends and actionable insights to inform your brand and business strategy.


Maximize Reach & Connect with Your Ideal Audience at the Local Level.

Own more of the digital shelf space. Put your content in front of your retailer’s followers with ThumbStopper.

  • Same Content, More Engagement: Supercharge the effectiveness of your existing content. Repurpose and syndicate your thumb-stopping content to new eyeballs.
  • Sales Enablement: Influence and increase retail sales by featuring products and promotions at the local level.

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