You’re Definitely Not Alone

What a surreal time we’re living in right now. Who hasn’t been impacted by the spread of COVID-19? The ramifications of the virus have left many uncertain as to whether their job, their business, or their livelihoods are safe. 

The world’s a very different place right now and if you’re struggling to find some clarity and direction for your operation amidst the ongoing crisis, you’re definitely not alone.

Although the virus has upended many industries in a matter of weeks, individuals taking preventative measures have turned to social media for news and updates about the crisis. As a result, now is the time–if you haven’t already–to establish a good social presence and keep in touch with the audience that cares about your business.

We at ThumbStopper want you to know that we’re here for you during these difficult times. Finding the right tone to communicate with your social fans is more difficult now more than ever. We hope some of our COVID-19 specific resources can help you navigate effectively right now.

Our Latest COVID-19 Resources for Small Businesses

ThumbStopper Retailers Experiencing Improved Social Metrics During COVID-19.

The landscape has changed drastically for small businesses across the world as the COVID-19 pandemic keeps people safe at home. With the lack of options available, more Americans are turning to social media for news updates, socialization, and distraction.


Keep Your “Work-From-Home” Flow on Track

Suddenly find yourself working from home? Here’s our top recommendations for creating a remote work environment to keep yourself, your team, and your company focused and motivated during these uncertain times.


Retail Enrollment Spikes as Social Media Viewership Swells 

The COVID-19 pandemic is still gripping communities worldwide. Now, more than ever, brands have the opportunity to support their local retailers by providing guidance and assistance with their social content.


Content is Key to Your Company’s Success

As a business owner, online traffic is vital to the growth and success of your entire operation. But in these trying times, it’s important to choose a marketing strategy that will give your business the most traction among your target audience.


Using Organic Reach to Your Advantage

As a business owner, traffic is vital to your company’s success. But recent events are already bringing entire operations to a screeching halt. But with more eyes on social media, there isn’t a better time to start crafting organic relationships with your consumers at a fraction of the cost.


A COVID-19 Response From ThumbStopper President / CEO Matthew Brown

We wanted to take a moment to share what the ThumbStopper office will look like for the next couple of weeks, and more importantly, what this means for your social feed and business.