Hands Free. One and Done. Set It and Forget It.

We do the heavy lifting of automating your content distribution so your team can spend more time on engagement and less time on deployment.

ThumbStopper’s hands-free platform offers retailers a seamless way to get your brand’s content into their social feeds. No software to learn. No logins to remember.

Automated for the People

Brands with hundreds or even thousands of retailers typically don’t have the tools or resources to distribute their digital content at scale. Instead, most brands resort to inefficient processes in hopes of encouraging their local retailers to share their content.

Establishing Your Network Effect

ThumbStopper enables your brand to aggregate, automate and distribute your digital content to an entire network of local retailers from a single dashboard. Retailers who opt-in to your brand’s syndicated feed gain access to a continuous flow of brand-curated social content. The one-to-many connection enables brand managers to focus less on the mechanics behind the distribution of their content and more on how to engage with their target consumers.

Control the Narrative

Brands have complete control over what content they will share, how often, to whom, and where. Our machine learning algorithms adapt to your cadences and post natively to your retailers’ social media pages. If you make a mistake, any piece can be removed and/or reposted.

ThumbStopper empowers your brand to tell your story on your terms.

How Big Is Your Brand-To-Local Social Divide?

Qualify for a complimentary Brand-To-Local Social Audit to see what percentage of your retailers are connected to your brand on social.